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I am Evie from North Yorkshire in England.
I have always been interested in beauty and fashion and I am hoping to start a career in the future as a fashion designer. I have always wanted to write a blog and I thought writing about beauty and fashion is a good opportunity.  
I hope this blog is interesting to people who want to read opinions and finding out the latest must haves. For ages I have been thinking about starting a YouTube channel but I feel that I am to tied up in school and I think it's important to be dedicated. I thought making a blog is less time consuming, so I have decided to put the YouTube channel behind me for now.
I would like this blog to become successful and helpful for readers and I would be so grateful if you followed my blog!

It is nice to know that people are enjoying my posts and they are helpful.
It would make my day if a few readers could comment! It is such an easy way to show appreciation in the blog.

Any ideas on new blog posts either email
or comment on one of my blog posts.

I cannot wait to share my opinions and help but your thoughts could make this blog more successful.

I am happy to say blogging starts here!

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